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  1. For shorter projects, typically 3-4 weeks; for longer projects, 4-6 weeks, but a more specific time frame will be determined once we’ve agreed to work together.

  2. Rush edits may be available for an additional fee.                                                                  


  1. Within the body of an email, please send me a brief description of your book project (200-500 words) and a short sample (the first 10 pages or first chapter). Also tell me a little about yourself and how you found my website.

  2. If I feel that I can be of help, I will quote you my fee (for a full manuscript critique) and give you my estimated turn-around time; if it doesn’t look like your work is the right fit for my experience, I may be able to refer you to another editor.

  3. For a partial manuscript critique, I would request an electronic copy of your first 12.5K words (Word document or PDF), a brief synopsis of your book, and payment via PayPal.

  4. For a full manuscript critique, I would request both an electronic copy of your project (Word document or PDF) and a hard copy, along with your payment for the agreement to proceed; your final payment would be due after you receive my feedback but prior to our phone meeting.


I also provide the following editorial services after the initial critique stage (fee TBD):

  1. Line editing    Coaching   Book doctoring


  1. For a partial manuscript critique: A 2 page editorial letter with positive and constructive feedback on the plot, characterization and themes (for fiction), and the style, content and structure (for non-fiction); a light line edit of your first several pages; feedback on your query letter or pitch if applicable.

  2. For a full manuscript critique: A 3-4 page editorial letter (see details above); a light line edit of your first few chapters; feedback on your query letter; a 30-45 minute follow-up phone or Skype meeting.

  3. Insight into the trade publishing process based on market trends and recent book deals (which I follow daily) and my interactions with publishing executives (whom I meet with frequently).

  4. Plenty of food for thought.

Ultimately every writer must follow the path that feels most comfortable. 

      William Zinsser, On Writing Well



Please contact me directly about working with your clients and students about these services and more.


  1. Partial manuscript critique (on up to 12,500 words/the equivalent of 50 typset pages)

  2. Full manuscript critique (on up to 100,000 words/the equivalent of 400 typeset pages)


  1. For a partial manuscript critique: a $465 flat fee, due upon the agreement to proceed.

  2. For a full manuscript critique: $850-$1500, depending on the project’s length, genre, scope and complexity, with 60% due on the agreement to proceed and 40% due on the completion of services.

  3. Higher fees may apply if your project is longer than 100,000 words.

  4. Lower fees may apply if you decide to resubmit your work based on my feedback.

  5. Payment is by check, money order or PayPal.

you’ll BENEFit if you’re:

  1. Looking to land your first agent or continue working with your current agent

  2. Interested in traditional publishing, self-publishing or the hybrid model

  3. Ready to improve your craft